Yoga Origins         

Yoga is an ancient system of health and fitness which originated in India. Today yoga is accepted as a comprehensive exercise to promote control of the body and mind. Yoga has become accepted as one of the best ways to achieve health, fitness and balance. Literally yoga means to unite, and it is through yoga that we work towards uniting the harmonious integration of the body, mind and spirit. In this way the result is optimal health and longevity.

Yoga is not a belief or a religion but a way for us to reach our greater potential. Yoga is a refined system that works on developing and balancing strength and flexibility, stamina, focus and endurance. Through a series of physical poses and a focus on the breath and an awareness of the body yoga helps us to deepen our sense of well being.

Why is yoga better than other forms of exercise?

Many people engage in mindless physical exercise where trance-like states occur as the exerciser repeats the same movements again and again. The gym exerciser can often feel that they gain some rest from their everyday stresses by escaping while performing rigorous exercise. However these benefits are usually only limited to the session and the exerciser leaves with a feeling of reduced energy.

Yoga is unlike this because we cultivate awareness and mindfulness whilst achieving better coping mechanisms for everyday stress. Coupled with the superb body workout this is an incredible path to mind and body fitness - and to cap it all off we leave refreshed and regenerated with a new resource of energy.

A regular yoga practice not only brings physical benefits (references to specific benefits can be found on the Bikram Yoga Pose Index page), but also restores a natural grounded feeling, balances emotional states and virtually eliminates stress.

Many students report an 'unexpected' feeling of well-being and vitality even at the very beginning of their practice. Why 'unexpected'? Because most students enrol to lose weight or reduce stress - little do they realize that a whole new life is ahead of them!

Whether you approach your practice as a physical regime or a spiritual practice, the benefits will be there for you.

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