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Using Yoga Blocks is highly beneficial for Beginners, Pregnant and Menstruating Women, and those who are suffering from heart ailments. These Blocks lessen the energy you use in doing the pose and are ideal for restorative practice.

Yoga Blocks can be placed under your hands, feet, or buttocks to provide support and help you maintain correct alignment and posture. It helps you extend your reach and stretch your body further.

Some Yoga Blocks are even designed to help you open your chest, allowing air to enter and exit freely and for your heart to beat easily. Yoga Blocks are essential props for introductory Yoga, challenging Aasanas, restorative work and therapeutic poses.

The blocks can be stacked, or laid out as the perfect surface for shoulder stand. Yoga Blocks are lightweight, sturdy and can easily be stored at the corner of your room. Most Yoga Blocks are made of foam, wood or cork. Cork Yoga Blocks are extremely durable, stable and solid.

The natural texture of the cork also provides extra traction. Wood Yoga Blocks, on the other hand, are hollow and indestructible. Foam Yoga Blocks can also come in various colors.

We offer you a wide variety of Yoga Blocks - whether foam, wood, cork, or any other material. Buy the one that suits you.

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