Accupuncture to the Scalp A Viable Treatment for Hair Loss and Headaches

More and more people with ailments of various sorts are turning lately to alternative medicine, especially traditional Chinese medicine, as possible cures to whatever illnesses they suffer from. There are many different reasons as to why these people choose to pursue alternative medicine, but generally, the reasons given are that alternative medicine is regarded as harmless, painless and without side effects. Accupuncture is one of the more popular alternative treatments available, and accupuncture to the scalp is said to provide a cure to chronic headaches and to hair loss for both men and women.

Accupuncture to the scalp aims to increase the blood flow to the head, and the increased blood flow to the head is supposed to repair damaged cells in the head and scalp. This also encourages the growth of new cells, and the production of new cells means an increased chance of having new hair growing on the scalp. Accupuncture is a treatment that was discovered by the ancient Chinese some three thousand years ago and has been put into practice ever since. The idea behind accupuncture is that the insertion of needles into certain points of the skin corrects the flow of chi or life force into the body.

If chi flows correctly into the body, certain illnesses are healed and prevented. In Western parlance, what accupuncture does is to stimulate the nerve endings in the area where the needles are inserted. In turn, the circulation of the blood in the treated area improves, and when blood flow increases to the area being treated, the damaged cells are repaired more quickly and more nutrients are brought to the area to encourage healing.

But inasmuch as accupuncture is becoming popular among many people, there are still some who are daunted by the idea of having needles inserted into their skin. Such a fear is understandable; after all, who would not be struck with fear at the sight of those long, fine needles used by accupuncture therapists? One would never know just how painless those needles are until one actually tries the treatment. And accupuncture is indeed painless.

The needles used are so light and fine that the patient would hardly feel the therapist inserting it into the skin. One simply cannot make assumptions about how effective accupuncture to the scalp is in curing headaches and hair loss. The results of the treatment, after all, vary from patient to patient. What is important is that the patient should keep an open mind and at least try.

One will never know the outcome unless one tries. provides you with info on accupuncture to the scalp and much more, come take a look at


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