ADD What are the Symptoms

Attention deficit disorder is a condition that's characterized by behavioral & learning disorders. This disease is generally diagnosed in children & mostly affects boys than the girls. This disease tends to linger on in adulthood in some cases. Hyperactivity, distractibility & impulsivity are some of the most common characteristics found in children with ADD.

This makes children difficult to perform a task assigned to them or concentrated on some of the important aspects of conversations. ADD is a neurobiologically-based developmental disability that usually affects children. The actual cause of this disease is not known. However, many researches have proved that the disease is caused due to the genetic transmission of the condition from parents to the children. This can be also a result of a type of chemical imbalance or deficiency of some important neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are actually chemicals that help the brain regulate the behavior of an individual.

According to a recent study, it has been proved that the rate at which the brain uses glucose, the main energy source is lower in people suffering from ADD as compared to individuals not suffering without ADD. Some of the symptoms of inattention in this disease include inattention, hyperactivity & impulsivity. Some of these symptoms due to in attention include conditions such as facing difficulty in sustaining attention in certain tasks & activities, not able to listen when spoken to directly, indulging in careless mistakes in school activities & forgetting certain tasks in daily activities. Some of the symptoms faced by patients with ADD due to hyperactivity include fidgets with hands, squirms in seat, fidgeting with feet, running about or climbing excessively in situation where it is not required. Other symptoms include facing trouble in playing or engaging in leisure activities & excessive talking.

Patients with ADD may also suffer from impulsivity that include blurting out answers way before the question are completed in tempting in a conversation & facing difficulty in waiting for their turn. Some people even face difficulty in remaining seated for a long time. Here are some other symptoms of ADD: a) Facing excessive difficulty in following instructions. b) Shifting from one uncompleted task to another. c) Facing difficulty in playing quickly. d) Talking excessively.

e) Forgetting things that are important for tasks or activities f) Eagerness in participating in dangerous activities without knowing consequences. g) Easy distraction by extraneous stimuli. h) Unable to follow daily tasks. i) Difficulty in organizing activities.

j) Avoiding important tasks & assignments. k) Feeling & acting restless. Once it is confirmed that an individual is suffering from ADD & all the symptoms confirm this, it is important to take immediate medical attention. Meet an expert medical practitioner & follow all the instructions provided by him or her. You also need to go for medication as prescribed by your health care practitioner. This will help you cure this disease promptly & effectively.

It is also important to provide adequate social support to the patient to help him come out of this situation. Remember that it is a joint effort of the health care practitioner, the individual, people around him & medication that work towards the cure of this condition.

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