Your Office Sucks You Dry Of Energy Of Course You Will Not Workout

Energy leeches are everywhere. Lack of energy is such a common reason for not training by many busy professionals. You get to mid afternoon and you are running on empty already and it has only been a few hours since lunch and your are tired, irritable and frustrated at your lack of productivity. Going for a workout? Yeah right, your going home to crash on the couch! Procrastination is the number one reason cited by people for not working out, your low energy levels contribute even more to your procrastination. Your common energy leeches include, your computer monitor, the constant barrage of phone calls, or your boss giving you stress on the latest deadlines. This sucks you dry leaving you empty and ready for a night in doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself.

When you don't go and do your workout, you'll feel even more deflated lowering your energy levels yet further. But going to do a workout can actually give you energy! "yeah right Tim, now you really are talking rubbish!" Seriously, despite the physical exertion of the workout, or participating in your sport, the outcome can be a serious injection of positive energy. The body responds very well to physical activity, at certain intensities your body will stimulate the production of endorphins which give you that feel good glow after a particularly tough workout. This in itself becomes addictive. Also by blocking out the energy drains, reducing the time spent answering the phone, or staring at your computer monitor, AND, promoting the energy boosts, eating the right foods, drinking water regularly and never missing a workout, you'll quickly be full of energy again. Jon, a very busy executive from a key multinational firm hated his workouts, at first it was a real struggle to get him in for our appointments.

After a few particularly tough workouts I started to see Jon in the gym outside of our pre-arranged sessions. This then developed to almost every day in the gym. When questioned about this, he simply said with a smile "I still hate my workouts, I just love the feeling of finishing!" This endorphin rush is quite real and can be brought about easily with workouts at high enough intensities. Many workouts I see being performed in the gym are just too slow and ineffective, whats more the low intensity will not give even a hint of the endorphin hit we are looking for, instead we are usually bored, demotivated and are desperately hanging on till the end of your workout. Doing resistance based workouts with heavy weights for short repetition ranges are the opposite, and for guys gives a testosterone boost as well as the endorphin rush.

A workout that utilises large muscle groups, such as squats, deadlift, push ups, rows and lunges will kick off an endorphin rush for both male and female exercisers. Females fear not the bulky muscles, you don't have the chemical makeup to achieve this, guys work hard and you'll lose the gut as well as boost your sporting performances too! Start today, by getting down to the gym and getting the advice of a trained fitness professional to show you the correct form for these fundamental exercises. I promise you you'll view your workouts with more energy than ever before!.

For a highly effective resistance workout and other time saving exercises, claim your free e-report "How to lose weight even when you are really busy" at Tim Goodwin is author of The Corporate Athlete Conditioning Handbook and a fitness professional from Luxembourg, training the busiest individuals to achieve amateur sporting success and a healthier body.


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Your Office Sucks You Dry Of Energy Of Course You Will Not Workout - No matter how strong willed you are, after a energy sapping day in the office the last thing you want to do is go and do a workout.

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