Depression A Problem That Affects The Whole Body

While many people do go through times in their lives when they feel disheartened, sad and stressed. Depression is much more than feelings of sadness. If feelings turn into hopelessness, suicidal thoughts or last for more than a few days, you may be suffering from depression. Depression is a problem that affects the body as a whole and can lead to a variety of other problems, as well. There are a variety of medications and therapies that can help people who are dealing with depression, but, sometimes, it is important to identify the cause of the depression first.

There are a variety of different causes for depression and different causes will require different treatments. Genetics One cause of depression may actually be in your genes. Many studies have shown that depression can be a genetic problem that is inherited.

Often, bouts of depression will run in the family and if the genetics are studied, there are slight variations in genetic make-up that seem to correspond with the problems of depression and Bipolar Disorder in particular. External Problems Many times, there are external problems that are actually the cause of depression. Many times, depression can start out as grief for a loved one or frustration over a chronic illness. Often, dealing with losing a job or the breakup of a relationship can cause people to go into depression as well. Financial stress is another external problem that can lead to depression. It is important to note that, many times, it is a combination of these external problems with other problems that lead to an episode of depression.

Chemical Imbalances Another cause of depression can be a chemical imbalance within the body. The chemicals in the brain are very important and having too much or not enough of these chemicals can lead to psychological problems, including depression. Two specific neurotransmitters that seem to be connected with depression are norepinephrine and serotonin. Cortisol, which is a hormone produced in the body, has also been linked to depression and often, too much cortisol is found in people who are suffering from depression.

Depression is a serious problem and no matter what is causing depression in your life or in the life of someone you love, it is important that you get professional help. There is help available for those who are dealing with depression and often, the type of help will be determined by the cause of depression. It is important to know that you are not alone and that there is assistance for those dealing with this difficult disease.

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