Do You Suffer From Phobia

A lot of individual, suffer from one kind of phobia or the other. Just as the saying that one mans poison is another mans meat, what may be phobia for me may not be for you. Is it only kids that have phobias? No.

Adults equally suffer from phobia. But childhood phobias occur most commonly between the ages of 5 and 9, and tend to be short term as the child ascends. By definition, phobia is an intense, uncontrollable, irrational and persistent fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. There are many type of phobia but it is not possible for me to discuss all. Thus I will only discuss a few types of phobia common in our day to day life activities.

What actually causes phobia? According to, Phobia is an emotional disorder, caused by an interaction between biological and environmental factors and such factors include emotional trauma, disturbances and unpleasant situations that often become adapted to a person's memory. These unpleasant memories are converted to fear after some repetitions of the same situations and consequently make the person to become phobic. Treatment of phobia could be in form of psychotherapy called cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy may involve exposure therapy. In this type of therapy, the individual gradually work up to face the situations he or her fear most.

This allows the individual to become better skilled at coping with these anxiety-inducing situations and to develop the confidence to face them. The other type of treatment involves the use of medication, Below are a few types of phobia:- Social phobia: Social phobia is an intense fear of becoming humiliated in public places or social gatherings, specifically of embarrassing yourself in front of other people. Individuals with social phobia fear social situations where they may be humiliated embarrassed or judged by others. Specific phobia: Individuals that have specific phobia have fear for specific animals, people, situations or the environments. Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia is a fear of being in public places where it would be difficult to make a sudden exit.

Some individuals find it very difficult to stay in public places. Such individuals with agoraphobia may avoid going to a stadium, church or concert, or traveling on a bus or train. Aerophobia: This is an intense fear of flying.

Acrophobia: This is an intense fear of heights. Emetophobia: This is fear of vomit. Carcinophobia: This is Fear of cancer.

Necrophobia: Fear of death or dead things In summary, if you suffer from any kind of phobia, then look for a medical expert for proper treatment and guidance.

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