How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast

In short, to get six pack abs, you need to get leaner and develop your abs' musculature. This is done through training and nutrition. I'll cover only the topic of training here. Training-wise, to build six pack abs, you must combine cardio exercise, weightlifting, and abdominal exercises.

All three are important, and to really get six pack abs you must do all three. Cardio makes you leaner and helps you lose stomach fat, which is necessary if you want your six pack abs to show. Weightlifting makes you leaner, too, by increasing your resting metabolic rate and the amount of calories you burn at rest. Good weightlifting routines for fat loss are available elsewhere online. I recommend Lyle McDonald's Ultimate Diet 2.

0 (which integrates nutrition and training for superior results: best for serious trainees) and Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training (this one is more beginner-friendly). Finally, abdominal exercises are needed to define your abs and give them the "six pack abs" look. That was clear? OK, get ready, we're getting serious. Cardio comprises long, slow cardio and interval training. To get six pack abs fast, the best approach is to do both.

Since interval training is better than long, slow cardio, if you're short on time, do interval training only, but only up to twice per week, so you don't over train. If you want to do cardio more than twice per week, do long, slow cardio on the other days. Abdominal exercises can be divided according to which area they put the emphasis on.

All exercises activate the whole abdominal region, but each one targets a specific area more than the others. They can put the emphasis on the upper and middle abs, the lower abs, or the side abs. To sum up, to get six pack abs you need good nutrition and effective training (including cardio, weightlifting, and abdominal exercises). Cardio comprises long, slow cardio and interval training, whereas abdominal exercises can target the upper & middle, lower, or side abs.

The web has a few good sources of information on these topics-I mentioned some. But searching the web is a hassle. If you value your time, want quality instructions, and would like to find out how to get six pack abs sooner rather than later check out my website below, where you can register for free to get an introductory e-mail based course ($97.00 value) that reveals how to get six pack abs fast and to download a beginner training program for six pack abs ($67.00 value). is the web's reference for professional, cutting-edge, and effective abdominal training. To find out how to get six pack abs fast check out our "How to Get Six Pack Abs Using State-Of-The-Art Training" article.


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