Hypnosis Cautions You Need To Be Aware Of

Hypnosis is something that many people think of as being dangerous. However, by itself it is perfectly safe. The only thing that should be ensured is that hypnosis is undertaken with a qualified and trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist. It is important to remember that this individual will take you on a journey which involves them giving your suggestions. Clearly, problems could occur with the use of unwise suggestions, which could result in you being lead to the opposite of what you wish to achieve. Consequently, your hypnotist or hypnotherapist must have a complete understanding of the principles and disciplines that are associated with the suggestion structure.

One example of this would be, if you were planning on visiting a hypnotist or hypnotherapist because you wanted to lose weight and the disciplines of hypnosis were not understood by the individual giving the hypnosis treatment, they may begin to offer suggestions such as you do not like food!. Even though this may sound acceptable, this suggestion will in actual fact start the wheels of subconscious mind turning, making you think about food. The result of this may cause additional problems for you, rather than helping to reduce your appetite.

It is proposed that suggestions given by a hypnotist or hypnotherapist create images within the subconscious. However, unfortunately, the mind is not able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

Closing your eyes is a great test which professionals use. When your eyes are closed, imagine that you are holding a bucket in each hand. Imagine that the bucket in your left hand is filled with light fluffy feathers, and the bucket in your right hand is filled with water.

Then they ask that you focus on the bucket that is filled with water, creating an image of water and sound. Your are then asked to open your eyes after approximately 30 seconds, and look where you right hand is compared to your left hand.

The attention of a trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist will be turned on the solution and results rather than the problem.

The important of this is fully understood by a skilled professional in order to get the best results. When wishing to undertake hypnosis, then you will require a professional that will teach you empowerment and one that can show you how your mind should be used in order to achieve the things in life that you wish to accomplish. Because of this, it is important to remember that - all hypnotherapy will employ hypnosis, but not all hypnosis is hypnotherapy.

In order for the hypnotist or hypnotherapist to master the art of suggestion, it takes many years of training, so please make your selection with great care and caution.

It is also crucial to remember that assisting a person in overcoming challenges in life is more than just hypnotic suggestion. In order for the hypnosis to work, you need to be open and willing to receive positive suggestions. It is strongly recommended that you work together with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist that has undergone all appropriate training. Locating someone like this along with a counseling background is an added bonus. However, always remember that training in counseling is never a alternate for hypnotherapy training.

And lastly, but certainly not least, great danger can be a result from self-taught hypnotists, so avoid them at all costs.


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