Is Microdermabrasion Acne Treatment For You

As we all know, our skin is constituted of millions of cells, which have the task of protecting us from harm and regulate our body temperature. Thousands of these skin cells die and new ones appear, regenerating our skin. But as time passes by, this regeneration process slows down and skin problems begin to surface. This is when the dark blotches appear, along with the wrinkles, and you begin to ponder on techniques that will improve your skin condition. If you happen to also suffer from acne, then micraodermabrasion acne treatment might be the answer to your skin problems.

Micraodermabrasion acne treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive new technique to smooth the skin. It only affects the outermost skin layers and is applied in two stages. First, a microdermabrasion acne machine is employed for cleaning the skin and pores, somewhat like a vacuum cleaner, removing dead and flaky skin cells and other skin debris. This microdermabrasion acne treatment can be done without anaesthesia because it isn't painful. It feels somewhat like a deep cleansing massage.

In the second stage of the microdermabrasion, a fine stream of aluminium oxide crystals is diffused on the skin. When applying the microdermabrasion acne treatment, the aluminium oxide crystals have the effect of gently smoothing the skin surface by removing the exterior layer of dead skin cells. Skin surface irregularities may be permanently smoothed over time, but only after several microdermabrasion acne treatments. You may be surprised to see a red healthy glow on your skin after the completion of the treatment.

This is due to the fact that the treatment increases circulation in the skin, which brings nutrients and oxygen responsible for the soothing and regeneration of the skin, giving you a fresh new skin. The microdermabrasion treatment is presently applied by several medical centers in the treatment of acne and acne scars. The duration varies according to the acne patient's skin condition. A mild case of acne may take ten sessions of microdermabrasion acne treatment, whereas more severe cases of acne may require more sessions in order to get the desired results.

The duration of each session of microdermabrasion acne treatment may take as little as ten minutes to up to two hours, depending on the patient?s skin condition. The norm is usually forty-five minutes for the first sessions, but time may be reduced to half an hour once the acne condition improves. With the microdermabrasion acne treatment, you may get visible results rapidly, but you must be advised that IT does not cure the disease completely, because it treats the effects of acne and not its cause. This is the main reason why repeated sessions of the microdermabrasion acne treatment are needed.

Also, you should not be using Ro-accutane while under this treatment. Microdermabrasion acne treatments exist under several forms. You may get the microdermabrasion acne treatment through an inexpensive do-it-yourself lotion package sold in pharmacies, or through medical and salon machines with the procedure described above. Remember, whichever method you choose, always consult your health care professional first.

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