Weight Loss Plateau How To Increase Metabolism And Restart Losing Weight

Before we look at some simple steps you can take to help increase metabolism so you start to lose inches from your waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks more efficiently, let's take a quick look at what metabolism is and what leads to decreases in the metabolism rate. In the simplest terms, metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. The speed at which your body burns calories is called the metabolic rate.

This rate can differ significantly from person to person. For example you and your friend can have the same activity level and diet but still gain or lose weight at different rates. The reason is simple differences in metabolism. Contributing Factors to the Rate of Metabolism Your rate of metabolism is dependent on a number of factors, which includes age, physical condition and the amount of fat and muscle in your body.

Age At birth you have a very high metabolism but as years pass by your metabolism rate decreases. At mid thirties, metabolism slows by 3 to 5 % every 10 years, so by age 55, you need 150 fewer calories a day than you did in your midthirties. This is generally why as people get older they tend to gain weight and find it hard to lose inches from their waistline and other areas. Fat vs.

Muscle Mass Muscle burns more calories to maintain itself than fat, if you have low body fat and are muscular then you have a high metabolism and on the other hand if you have a higher percentage of body fat than you should, you will have a low metabolism. Physical Condition Diabetes, poor health, lack of physical activity or an under active thyroid are all factors that could lead to a significant decrease in metabolism and increase in weight. People with conditions like these find that weight loss programs don't work and no matter what they try they just can't lose weight. Other Causes for Low Metabolism Some of the biggest culprits of low metabolism involve how we eat; fasting, a low calorie diet, snacking throughout the day on high sugared foods (candy, colas, cakes, gum), eating or drinking too much sugar containing foods.

By the way the low calorie diet reference is not a typo or error. Low calorie diets and weight loss programs don't work and one reason is that your body is programmed to decrease metabolism in response to less food. The body as a means of survival slows down the rate it burns calories. Continuing this path will leave you feeling tired all the time and having a hard time getting through the day.

Other possible side effects may include slowing of your heartbeat and low blood pressure. Simple Things You Can Do To Increase Metabolism Now that we took a look at what causes decreases in metabolism, let's check out some simple steps towards increasing metabolism and reaching your weight goals. It Comes With Age To increase metabolism as you grow older, you will need to cut back on calories, so your intake is adjusted or increase your activity level to burn more calories and lose inches again. If you don't make these adjustments to increase metabolism, your body will store the additional fat, and you will gain weight.

Insuring Optimal Health.Proper Diet + Dietary and Protein Supplements =Increased Metabolism You can increase metabolism as much as two to three times by eating proteins versus carbohydrates and fats. Bodybuilders commonly use protein supplements to increase metabolism and to preserve a healthy muscle structure. But don't cut out carbohydrates altogether. Choose complex high-fiber carbohydrates like high-fiber vegetables and cereals; these burn more calories than simple carbohydrates. You can increase metabolism by focusing on quality protein, high-fiber fruits and vegetables, with an occasional high-fiber grain.

Protein is fuel for your body. Chicken, lean meats, and dairy products are excellent choices. Adding protein supplements is a good way to insure you are getting in your diet. Water I am sure you've heard it said before but well worth repeating.

you must drink at least 8 8-ounce glasses of water a day to maintain an optimal metabolism rate. Aerobic Exercise Get as much aerobic exercise daily as you can safely handle. If you have been away from exercise for awhile, a good way to start back slowly is by walking. As your fitness improves you can start to include other aerobic exercises.

Exercising early in the day will kick start your metabolism and have it firing all-day long. Weight or Resistance Training to Build Muscle Building muscle increases metabolism and burns more calories than dieting alone. If you would like to start out slowly, add some ankle or wrist weights to your current aerobics routine. Adding protein supplements to your diet will also boost your effort to build muscle and lose fat.

Body Detoxification Body detoxification has been a popular subject in the media in recent days and for good reason. Body detoxification involves taking steps to remove chemicals and toxins accumulated in the body and help you to maintain optimal health. Body detoxification is both a great way to increase metabolism and maintain a healthy body. I Hope this information has been helpful in answering questions concerning metabolism rates and how they affect losing weight.

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