What Causes Acne The Facts

It happens on the day that you are about to get your high school picture taken. It occurs on wedding days, prom dates, and those times when we would rather it hide its ugly head. It is called acne, and its effects can be devastating to people who take pride in the appearance of their skin.

So where does acne come from, and how can you stop it from invading your life? Acne usually occurs between the ages of twelve and twenty five years of age. It is a skin condition related to sebaceous glands. These glands are found most everywhere on the body, but mostly on the face, upper neck and back. They produce an oily substance called sebum. During adolescence, sebaceous glands enlarge and sebum production is increased. This is greatly attributed to hormonal production.

This production usually slows down again after the age of twenty. Sebum makes its way to the skin's surface through skin pores. This substance helps keep skin and hair smooth. During the increased sebum production, dead skin cells that line the opening of hair follicles do not shed properly and clog the follicles.

This will result in a build up of oil in the hair follicle. For some people nothing else happens after this point. For those who aren't as lucky, it is a precursor to an acne outbreak. Humans have Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes present on their skin.

Normally, it is a harmless bacterium. However, it feeds on sebum. When there is a build up of sebum in the clogged hair follicle, P. acne is attracted to it and it begins to grow. This causes a response from our immune system and results in inflamed and red skin.

In it's most severe response, cysts will grow under the skin surface. When this ruptures, the infection will spread. There are many myths about what causes acne.

Some people believe items we consume, such as, fatty foods and chocolate will bring on acne. As you can see, this is not true. It is also not caused by dirt and not related in any way to cleanliness. However, there are some situations, which can make acne worse.

Since acne is directly related to hormonal production, a girl is more likely to see her acne worsen during her menstrual cycle, when she experiences hormone differences. Stress is also known to make acne worse. Sometimes medicines are even to blame. Some medicines will not only make acne worse, but can also cause it. Although some people think pinching or popping a pimple will help it go away, it will actually worsen the situation.

This should be avoided at all costs. You should also avoid rubbing the skin hard and refrain from applying any pressure to it. Acne is a skin condition directly related to hormonal changes in our bodies.

It occurs when oil ducts in our skin clog up. There are many treatments available for this annoying visitor. You can use topical applications found in your local drugstore.

If it becomes persistent and troublesome, you may need to obtain some help from a doctor and prescription drug treatments.

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